Welcome to the Puusta Pitkälle Mega event in Sibelius Hall, Lahti on Saturday, 7th August 2021 from 12 noon until 8 P.M.

The event is located in a unique milieu by lake Vesijärvi. You can enjoy good company and geocaching shops in any weather at the event venue. The event programme includes competitions and interviews, and adventure labs are available throughout the day. Sibelius Hall is located right next to Lahti Harbour.

The main theme of the event is wood in its many forms. The venue, Sibelius Hall, is considered a masterpiece of modern wood architecture. The event takes place in Sibelius Hall’s Forest Hall, which imitates the Finnish woods. Wood industry has been a part of Lahti’s history since the late 1800’s and has evolved from sawmills to more advanced wood processing over the years.



Lahti - Ympöristöpääkaupunki